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Making things together 

The Game Creators Space is a NAITSA sanctioned post-secondary club that empowers, students, graduates, and allies to succeed.

Originally founded in (who knows), the Game Creators Space was founded as a way to connect budding NAIT students with the growing game development industry in Edmonton. Since its inception, the GCS has held and livestreamed weekly meetings, hosted game jams, and joined the greater game dev community by participating in a variety of events.

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The Game Creators Space is open for everyone, regardless of skill, interest, identity, so come and visit us!

Meetings are Thursdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm in WB306 in the HP Centre.

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School, work, friends, we get it - you have things to do.
Can't make it live? Join us at:

If you've missed the stream, you can check out the VODs found at our Youtube channel.

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Being a part of the community is easy - and there are so many ways to be involved! You can join our discord at to learn all about our community.

We're also active on our itch page making Game Jams! You can view all the games our members have made for them at